Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Judge David S. Doty's Illegal Gestapo Threats Made Against Us

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Judge Doty’s Gestapo Threats Rendition at the Close of Our ''Trial'':

**Judge Doty has a history of criminal charges against him and allegations against him as can be seen at the following web address:*** http://www.clr.org/fed-judges.html Of course his position as Senior District Court Judge and *** Judge Doty threatened to have the U.S. Marshalls follow us “to the ends of the earth” in the context of warning me that I had ought not fail to appear in attendance for the forthcoming sentencing subsequent to the (corrupted) trial.
Judge Doty stated “and I’ll tell you right now, if you don’t show up for sentencing, I’ll send the U.S. Marshalls out hunting for you; He then likened his scenario to Hollywood, stating further “and Don’t Think It’s Not Like Hollywood because it is-they overdo the ***FBI(SEE BELOW!) in the movies – but Not the U.S. Marshals- THEY’LL HUNT YOU DOWN-EVEN YEARS LATER THEY’LL GET YOU…”
Years from now they’ll pull you out of another country if they have to. I’ve seen it happen many times before!
…But I’m not to worried (coyly) we have a pretty good relationship with Canada right now so I don’t see that being a problem at all.

***An attorney with whom I spoke on my tapped phone line who’s name I will keep anonymous out of consideration spoke out on Notorious Judge Doty. “ I am familiar with Judge David Doty- let’s just leave it at that…I have to be careful what I say on this line. I am very sure that the NSA are on our line and on any line going from Canada into the United States, for a certainty, so we need to be careful what we say…”

Judge David S. Doty Sr District Court Judge MN has corrupted himself entirely in this matter: He has facilitated the use of illegal application of law in allowing prosecution court room theatrics, a corrupted ‘blue collar’ (pre ordained/corrupted) jury pool with NSA, FBI, CIA as its components, misuse of the Spreigl Rule under rule 404b, and even more incredulous, the uttering of threats against us in the closing moments of the trial to the effect of the rendition detailed above.
Judge Doty has truly placed himself above the law and beyond the law.

NEWS JUST IN ABOUT ILLEGAL FBI ACTIVITY(***Oct.5/06 FBI have just been caught in the news doing illegal spy activity in Canada – I heard about this only this morning and felt I should include this expose in with my personal experience as poignant and evidentiary material in support of our case.)

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